Air France/KLM has introduced a new fare structure for the Economy Class for Europe and North-Africa. This structure means that BlueBiz travelers have to pay for their baggage. This also applies for flights to the United States. The new fare structure includes three ticket options: LIGHT, STANDARD and FLEX. When you choose the LIGHT-ticket, hand baggage is included, but check-in baggage is not. The first piece of check-in baggage remain free for the SkyTeam Elite- and Elite Plus members (Flying Blue Silver, Gold en Platinum). BlueBiz members can choose the STANDARD- or FLEX-fare, where check-in baggage is included, or they can choose the LIGHT-fare where they can spend their Blue Credits for check-in baggage as a paid option. BlueBiz members receive extra Blue Credits for sales on/after 1 April 2017 when they book the STANDARD- or FLEX-fare.