No one has been left unaffected by the coronavirus crisis, and we hope that this message finds you healthy, wherever in the world you may be. These are extremely challenging times, and has also been hit hard. Due to the restrictions on air travel, most airlines have grounded large parts of their fleets over the past few months. Fortunately, the team has managed to stay healthy, and our staff have remained available 24/7. We’ve been hard at work repatriating travelers, issuing vouchers, and making sure our customers get the refunds they are entitled to. Our team has also made good use of the lockdown period by taking lots of online training courses and implementing a number of new systems. After having spent the last several months closely monitoring the rapidly changing coronavirus measures and travel restrictions for each destination we service, we are now looking ahead. Whatever the future may bring, the health and safety of our customers will always come first. Feel like heading out into the world again? We’re ready whenever you are!

We’re optimistic about the future – if we take the necessary precautions, we’ll soon be able to take off again. In recent weeks, normal travel within Europe has slowly resumed. With restrictions being eased and borders opening up, airlines are also going back to something like business as usual. Even destinations outside Europe are being serviced again, although most intercontinental flights are still cargo-only.

Always up to date on the latest developments
Do you have questions about a particular destination, a specific airline’s terms and conditions or the safety measures hotels are taking? Please contact us for the latest information – our Covid-19 travel experts are happy to help! We have daily contact with Foreign Affairs, embassies and hotels in order to provide our customers with reliable, up-to-date information, straight from the source. Our travel promise is simple: reliable service and a safe journey.

It’s no secret that the entire travel industry is currently dependent on government support, hoping for better days. The support of our loyal customers will be crucial for in the months ahead. We’ve issued a large number of vouchers in recent months, which can now be used. In many cases, a voucher can even be issued for one of your colleagues, or for a different destination. We would like to invite everyone to support our entrepreneurship in these trying times, and to join us in our search for new ways of travelling now that borders are opening up again. Our goal is to offer each and every one of our customers a safe and healthy journey.

Passenger health and safety is a top priority for airports and airlines. Far-reaching measures are being taken in consultation with the WHO, the IATA and local authorities to restore the public’s confidence in air travel and minimize the risk of contamination. As a result of downward airflows and advanced filter systems that completely refresh all the cabin air every 3 minutes, replacing it with clean, outside air, the risk of contamination on a plane is very low. Powerful HEPA filters – comparable to the ones used in hospitals – capture 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus. Past research on other infectious diseases confirms that the risk of infection on an aircraft is extremely limited.

These are the additional safety measures we are taking:
– face masks must be worn at the airport and for the entire duration of the flight;
– temperature checks before boarding;
– safety screens at check-in desks and gates;
– more distance between self-service terminals;
– aircraft are cleaned and disinfected more frequently and more thoroughly;
– floor markings every 1.5 meters to maintain social distancing.
If you do decide to travel, these measures help ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Europe is reopening. The color-coded map below shows the Dutch government’s travel recommendations for Europe this summer. Yellow indicates that there are currently no travel restrictions. If you travel to one of the yellow countries, you are covered by your travel insurance. Travel to the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark is only possible under certain conditions. For a business trip to one of these countries, you need a statement from your employer.

The travel recommendations give an overall indication of the risks per country, without taking into account local differences. Northern Italy, for example – and more specifically Lombardy – has been affected much more severely than the area around Rome and the south of the country. As a foreign traveler, it is important to inform yourself on the local situation at your destination. If you have a friend or colleague who lives in your country of destination, ask them about the measures there before you leave. Also keep in mind that other European countries may enforce measures more strictly than we’re used to in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel app (Reisapp) can be a helpful tool, providing up-to-date travel recommendations 24/7. The app also offers easy direct contact with the Ministry’s help desk.
Travel safely and responsibly. Stay informed, travel smart!

Airlines are ramping up their network expansion this summer. KLM will be flying to 40 European cities in June and is planning to further expand to a total of 60 destinations in July. Many foreign airlines will also be adding Amsterdam to their networks again in June, and the number of intercontinental destinations is increasing weekly. Thalys and ICE high-speed trains are also departing for Paris and Frankfurt again several time a day.

Like the rest of the world, the aviation sector was completely blindsided by the coronavirus crisis. But the situation is improving. Bank loans and government aid have provided sufficient buffers for airlines to restart. If you book your ticket with a government-supported airline, you can rest assured that your trip will go ahead as planned. We will inform you about the specific rebooking policies for each airline, but in general these are the available options for changes and cancelations:
– rebook to a later date;
– request a voucher that will often allow you to choose a different destination and/or change the passenger name; after one year, you can request reimbursement for an unused voucher;
– apply for a refund: airlines are legally obligated to offer this option as well; however, due to the massive number of refund requests and airlines’ limited financial resources, this is a near-impossible challenge for most airlines in the short term.
Feel free to contact us if you are unsure about the terms and conditions of your ticket or voucher.

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Istanbul Airport, which opened just last year, is the largest airport in the world, currently serving 90 million passengers annually and set to grow to 200 million over the next seven years. Istanbul occupies a strategic spot at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, with many key destinations less than a five-hour flight away.

Istanbul boasts the ultimate stopover experience. Stepping inside the state-of-the-art terminal feels like entering an airport 2.0, say those in the know, with its high ceilings, luxury finishing and fantastic restaurants and lounges. This is also the home base of Turkish Airlines.
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